Successful Relationships — Art or Science

It’s hard to find a person on the planet who hasn’t faced difficulties and issues in their relationship, no matter what kind: friendship, romance, or relationships with colleagues in our  . Also, we have all met those perfect couples who look like they have just gotten back from their honeymoon. What is their secret? Is sustaining a good relationship art or some kind of science?

People are prone to thinking that every relationship is a kind of art rather than science. On the other hand, psychologists have been showing interest for a long time in how people form strong and successful relationships. And they have concluded that what separates the struggling person from being successful is the ability to create and develop deep and honest connections.

We have all heard so many times about the so-called self-made people. Did they succeed only thanks to their skills? The truth is that connection and collaboration play a crucial role in everybody’s success. This means that whatever you want or dream of in your life, you have to enlist the help of others to reach it.

The Mirror Game In Relationships

Connections and collaboration come from healthy and honest relationships. And relationships are a permanent mirror game. Love and marriage, as some of the most complex kinds of relationships with another human being, have been discussed and explained for centuries. Your actions, reactions, words, and emotions are observed, evaluated, and judged all the time.

Our personality differences affect our environment — social, cultural, and professional alike. People who communicate, live, or work together have always been doing it in some hierarchical context, creating a balance of power. Let’s take as an example a public person, maybe a journalist, actor, writer, or politician. They are constantly confronted with “others” and are potentially competing against each other in fear of being overshadowed or rejected.

It is sad to note that most of these people, who want to appear as being “people of culture,” too often show a disastrous psychological “ignorance.” Their only concern is maintaining or strengthening their public image.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Relationships

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Relationships

One relationship ingredient that underpins all the other factors is emotional intelligence. It can be defined as a sort of art and capability of feeling empathy. The ability to recognize the emotions of our significant other is incredibly important as it helps us manage stressful situations that might arise in any relationship. Emotional intelligence lies in the way we communicate with our partner, friend, or colleague. Many of us are naturally mindful of other people’s feelings and perspectives, while some can be described as cold and unresponsive. The good news is that this skill or art can be learned with long-lasting benefits for your well-being.

Know Thyself

We must consider the importance of our capability to know our own needs and affinities, according to the Latin saying Nosce te Ipsum — know thyself. 

Get to know yourself so that you can express your fears, feelings, and beliefs but also accept others. When you open up to yourself, it’s much easier to be open to other people. Mutual respect and trust promote fair exchange and understanding between two human beings.

At any time, you have to be able to question yourself about your relationships with others. It’s a type of behavior that can foster a bond and encourage dialogue, consequently leading to a truthful and fruitful connection.

The Importance Of Psychotherapy For Relationships

The Importance Of Psychotherapy For Relationships

With our permanent concern about appearances, there is a multitude of games played in contemporary relationships. The complex of inferiority or superiority nourishes negative feelings towards ourselves and others. These can significantly alter communication between people. This is where mastery of relationship psychology plays a vital role.

Nowadays, many people consider couples therapy for their marriage. Many contemplate the treatment before even getting married, while most go into therapy after they get divorced. As a matter of fact, there are many examples of successful outcomes of marital therapy. Sometimes, it leads to the revival of the couple’s happiness. Sometimes. it can lead to the definitive but healthy and less painful separation. Psychotherapy helps people overcome problems resulting from discrepancies between partners’ fantasies, expectations, and reality.


The psychology of relationships is, above all, about connecting to others with respect and confidence. Let’s admit that it can be daunting and challenging, even for the most emotionally intelligent people. To begin, start breaking down barriers and allowing people to get to know us better. Be open to constructive arguments that bring you closer together, and that way, problems won’t escalate to fights, which can lead to the end of any relationship.