The Difference From the Earliest Childhood

‘’Zoom, Zoom’’, Lucas (4 years old) imitates the sound of a sports car. He is preparing to start a spectacular race with his red car replica models of the Italian brand. 

As for Zoe, she is playing “dinner party” with her friend Jessica. They are dressing their dolls before they go to the table and tell the gossip of the day.

The differences between the sexes start from the earliest childhood. Watch the kids on any playground, and you’ll see it.

When little boys play, their priority is the game itself, not their relationship to others or how they feel.

For little girls, what they feel goes first and foremost. If you hear “you’re not my friend anymore” during the game, you can be sure that it will stop and only resume after they have reconciled.

Very early, and before being really influenced by society, children develop different attitudes according to the sexes. At first glance, these differences seem trivial. However, this nuance will emerge in adulthood.

Women Are a Step Ahead of Men

Women Are a Step Ahead of Men

Yes, your childhood and your habits in the playground have conditioned the adult that you are today. How? By allowing you to develop specific skills rather than others.

Little boys learn to dribble, play as a team, and resolve conflicts quickly. This will be valuable to them in the working world and their relationships with other boys, but useless in love relationships.

As for little girls, they work on their emotions from an early age. Naturally, they develop a greater facility to discuss and understand their feelings — an essential skill to succeed in your life as a couple.

Unfortunately, when it comes to men, this is far from the case. Their talents’ development during childhood have been at the expense of understanding their own emotions and those of others. The worst? In some boys, this inability has greatly increased over time.

Result impacting both: a gigantic gap widens in adulthood between certain men and some women, creating a misunderstanding in the acts of the two kinds. These differences can be terrible for the relationship.

Finally, girls’ games offer much better preparation for marriage and family because they emphasize social interaction and feelings. Therefore, at the beginning of a romantic relationship, women have a slight lead over men in this area.

The lack of emotional intelligence of men will cause conflicting conversations which tend to overflow the relationship easily. Over time, he will simulate indifference, decide to flee his responsibilities, and at the same time, his couple. The relationship may go right into the wall.

Women are not always better at handling emotional life. On the contrary, there are many women insensitive to the feelings of others. But usually, women are more emotionally intelligent than men for a simple reason: they have acquired this know-how for many years.

Also, note that these habits are found beyond cultures. It does not matter whether we speak of innate or acquired; no one can deny the effect of these differences between the two sexes. They are undeniable, and knowing them will help you better understand your partner.

Men and Women Have Different Needs

Men and Women Have Different Needs

Basically, men and women have the same needs in every relationship. What makes a difference is a way that satisfies their needs and the way they express their feelings and thoughts.

If you wonder why men and women sometimes have expectations and needs so far apart, there is an obvious reason for this. In prehistoric times, men and women had to meet their individual needs. Unlike now, their survival depended on it.

But what did they need? At the time, men and women were already looking for different things. The man was looking for an ideal partner to procreate. The woman was judged by her reproductive potential. She had to be healthy, able to transmit her genes, to give birth, to take care of the home, and to take care of her offspring. Quite simply.

The woman, meanwhile, was looking for a strong man, able to hunt to feed the family. Ultimately, the woman was sensitive to the man who would bring him security, the comfort of life, and respect. She carefully examined the qualities of the potential partner because a bad choice meant that she and her children were at risk of starvation, mistreatment, or abandonment.

Even if today women are more and more independent and able to satisfy their own needs, these criteria remain valid. Which woman does not want to feel safe with a man? This way of life, applied for hundreds of thousands of years, has conditioned the human species. Since then, your brain and your primary needs have changed slightly. 

Make Your Partner Happier in a Relationship

Make Your Partner Happier in a Relationship

• Gentlemen: showing your wife that you respect her, that she keeps an important place in your heart and that you will be by her side when the difficulties arise is the best way to retain her love.

• Ladies: show your husband that you are a woman well in your skin, autonomous and able to get by on your own are excellent ways to meet his expectations and enrich your couple.

As you can see, the stakes are pretty much the same. You continue to act according to what nature expects of you.

The good news is that taking into account these immutable factors will allow you to make your love blossom. Or at least will put all the chances on your side to get there.

Final words

Before finishing this article, we recommend you to play the desert island game!

Throughout the article, you have seen a fraction of the differences that exist between men and women. You and your partner have a different “operating mode.”

Nevertheless, the book, written by John Gray, “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus,” shows the importance of accepting these differences and letting you influence one another. For this, you must put in place a sharing of power and decision-making within your couple.

The game of the desert island can help you achieve this great balance. The rules of the game are simple:

Imagine being wrecked on a tropical island with your partner. You will probably stay there for several months until help arrives:

First, make a list of what you consider to be the ten most important things for you to ensure your physical and mental survival. Then show your list to your partner. And share your comments. Finally, agree and establish together a consensual list of ten articles. You will have to discuss and work as a team to solve the problem together. You guessed the best way to do this is to accept your partner’s point of view and find common ground between you.