What is Gambler’s Routine ?

'Gambler' star Mark Wahlberg calls life's bluff

Once you become a professional gambler, your life depends on the frequency of the games and tournaments.


As for sports bettors, things may be a little bit different. Everything depends on the time zone you live in and on the kind of sports event you are betting on. Sometimes it will be necessary to consult your bookie in the middle of the night to place a wager. Nowadays the picks are sent by e-mail, so it’s much easier to decide on the bet with a few clicks on your smartphone.


Another important aspect concerns tournaments.To play tournaments in real money online casino visit: https://elroyalecasino.com/real-money-online-casino. Like it or not, participating in these events is precisely what forges each individual gambler’s will and style.It requires a certain level of dedication to follow such an event, or even to go to a specific place and watch it. High rollers usually travel from one event to another, spending money on expensive buy-ins and accommodation. Those who prefer online tournaments to live events have fewer expenses, but they are of course competing for smaller prizes.


Contemplate the next steps in between the games! We strongly advise you to think your strategy over if you participate in various tournaments in a row to avoid ending up with a losing streak; especially if you play poker or blackjack. Most famous punters do so, and they do, of course, make sure to keep track of their progress.


What about salaries? Being a professional gambler never guarantees stable profits, unless you have signed a contract with one of the major gaming providers or tournament organization companies. There are many factors to influence your professional gambler’s ROI:


  • Type of game or sports betting
  • Return to Player rate of the game
  • The skill of the punter
  • The methods you use to win
  • Bankroll and the size of the bet
  • Luck

Sports betting and casino gambling differ in their approaches. The first one strongly depends on analytics and information. To become a Jon Price of sports betting, you need to monitor the news, and then develop a successful algorithm for predicting a win. But if this approach doesn’t suit you, there is always the option to use professionals to make picks for you. The majority of them would claim that they can predict 85% of the matches, which is totally not true! If the prediction rate is 65% of wins, then this can be considered a great result.

Before participating in huge live tournaments, look at the price of the buy-in and the number of entrants. Sometimes it may be exhausting to pass all tables to reach the final round. Also, check the amount of the prize pool. For instance, the main WSOP 2019 event in Las Vegas will have the prize pool of $5,000,000 and $1,000,000 to a winner with the $500 buy-in. This is totally worth visiting once in a lifetime!


As for the salaries of professional gamblers, there are no precise numbers on that. Usually, such figures are volatile. A skilled poker player may snag up to millions of dollars in one game and lose the same amount in the next one. However, poker players are judged by the size of the prize money they get, whilst horse betting gurus are estimated by the amount they get from a single bet. For instance, Alan Woods used to scoop several million a week on horse races and left a 670 million AUD fortune he had gained from gambling and software development for races.