Couple Love themself

What Is Healthy Relationship

Everyone has their vision of a relationship. However, there are some fundamentals which describe a healthy relationship. If you recognize yourself in the following, there is a good chance that the relationship with your partner will be healthy.

Happiness For Two

To be in a healthy relationship is to be in a relationship that makes us feel good. Achieving happiness sounds easy but can be very challenging with all the time and resources demanded from us. While discontent is an integral part of the journey, the moments of happiness are too, and you should strive to live them together to the fullest.


Emotional Security

Sharing a healthy relationship is about feeling appreciated and safe. It is also the trust in the other person and their love and commitment. Whether you live together or have a long-distance relationship, you need to feel safe.

Be Free In Relation

Let’s talk about an important ingredient of every healthy relationship — freedom. It’s about feeling you have a choice to be who you are and to have the power to remain yourself.

If you are currently in a toxic relationship, you may feel compelled to change your personality to deserve each other’s love. It is normal and healthy to compromise and change a little to please the other person. But it is far from usual to be forced to change yourself in fear of being less loved (I would love you more if you do that). Love should never be conditional in a romantic relationship!

Relationship Stages

There are several steps from the very first date to an established and healthy relationship.

Let’s look at some major steps from your first flirt to the moment you decide to spend your life with someone.


Discovery stage is the beginning of the relationship. This moment of intense seduction often consists of showing one’s positive side and feeling euphoric. In general, it is also a time when the relationship is emotionally unstable: love and trust are established little by little.

This period also helps define what you expect from this relationship. You might ask yourself if it is a serious relationship, destined to last in the long run. Is it love or just temporary passion? During this phase, it’s essential to stay in tune with yourself and your expectations.


After the discovery phase, the relationship evolves emotionally. It is the first turning point and also the moment when both partners determine the nature of the bond that unites them.

The course of the relationship can be determined in different ways. Some couples will verbalize it by “I love you’’ or some other love message. Others will concretize with some concrete projects like a baby, marriage, or a purchase of a house. Some will leave this question in suspense and let themselves be carried away by everyday life and events.

5 Keys to a Successful Relationship

Beyond a timing problem, difficulties in a relationship can also arise from your behavior or that of your partner. Here are some factors to take care of.

  1. Understand the Uniqueness of Your Partner

The worst thing you can do is to compare your love relationship with that of a friend. All relationships are unique because your partner is unique. Every one of us has its own way of expressing themselves, of showing love. Everyone has its own emotional wounds too.

Making an effort to understand the uniqueness of the other is the first step to maintaining the relationship.

  1. Speak Out

Understanding the other person and not asking to change does not mean that you should not speak out about things that hurt or that you would like to do.

You cannot blame your partner for not understanding something you did not say openly. Do you have trouble expressing yourself about what you want? You need your partner to guess your thoughts? Rather than blaming them, learn to articulate your wishes and thoughts better and discover some keys to nonviolent communication, which can help you a lot.

  1. Make Compliments and Be Positive With Your Partner

Compliment or call your significant other spontaneously. So take the time to notice your loved one on their new shoes, a new sweater, or a haircut. Take the time to call your partner in the office just to say love you.

That way, you will make your second half happier and more attracted to you.

  1. Work on Yourself and Stop Blaming Your Partner

It is easy to accuse the other when you are angry or stressed. But the problem does not always come from the other person. Check if you are the toxic person in your relationship.

The right solution is to change yourself. When you become conscious of your weakness and want to see the best of your partner, the magic will take place. Your partner will get much better since they feel appreciated. Both of you will be more motivated to change the way you do things to bring more enjoyment to your relationship.

  1. Choose Your Moments for Discussions to Solve Your Conflicts

Choose the right moment to discuss the problems with your partner seriously. Do not start an important debate if you are not relaxed or have not eaten. According to Virginia Woolf, one cannot sleep well, think well, love well if one has not dined well. Fatigue and hunger can incite you to make bitter remarks. Avoid drinking alcohol. Instead, wait for a toast for your reconciliation.

Last but not least. You used to wear a glamorous and seductive piece of garment in bed? Now, you only put on an oldish holey T-shirt? Feel free to spice up your look! Feeling well in your skin will brighten your eyes and make your partner’s sparkle. You will exchange more intimate moments. You know the rest!